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I’m Jim Tinjum, an energy engineering and sustainability professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In July 2017, I biked over 1,250 miles in three weeks to visit nearly 50 wind energy sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa (for an interactive map, click here). The trip combined my passions of sustainability, green energy and biking.

The goal of my trip was to raise awareness about wind energy, especially in my home state of Wisconsin, and collect content for my courses and upcoming book, Wind Energy Civil Balance-of-Plant Design. I “biked the wind” for this journey because it’s a sustainable form of transportation, and it’s philosophically in alignment for me to bike as an energy professor.

When I’m not biking, I’m a program director and professor at UW-Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development (EPD). I teach courses in wind energy, landfill design, geotechnical and thermal topics. Click on the links to the right if you’re interested in the courses.

In the video below, I discuss my achievements and challenges during #BiketheWind.

Read about my journey on this blog, bikethewind.wordpress.com, on EPD’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and with the hashtag #BiketheWind.

For more information about #BiketheWind, click here.