Day 18 AM — Country Roads, Take Me Home

…to the place, I belong, Madison, Wisconsin!

Had a wonderful 92-mile ride yesterday from La Crosse, Wisconsin, to Reedsburg.  About 50% of the route was on the Wisconsin Trail System, including the incredible La Crosse River Trail and the Elroy-Sparta State Trail.  Two categorized climbs, a Category 4 and a Category 3.  PS, the Category 4 was much, much worse as it was steeper and occurred later in the day!


Included on my route was a visit to Cashton to observe the setting of the Gundersen Lutheran / Organic Valley set of two turbines.  These are private, company-owned turbines that specifically generate power for corporate facilities and/or renewable energy power purchase commitments.  In Wisconsin, similar projects exist at the SC Johnson Waxdale Facility in Racine and Epic System’s Galactic Wind outside of Verona.  These are proactive companies that have what I call 20/20 Wind Vision.

Two turbines at the Organic Valley distribution center in Cashton
Organic Valley has Wind Vision
One of two turbines at Organic Valley’s Cashton Distribution Facility


Today, I am heading home via a route through Devil’s Lake that includes two last categorized climbs.  Below, are some of the views from yesterday’s route:


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