Day 16 AM — What happens in Minnesota does not stay in Minnesota

As I alluded to yesterday, unfortunately, I had one electronic contact that had plenty of false narratives to discuss, among them that I can’t be negative about wind energy because it might affect my research funding or that of the sustainability/global warming research community as a whole.  Let me assure you that I am not biking 1300 miles through wind turbine country on a grant, for a grant, or to receive a grant — my motivation is fully to increase awareness of the benefits of clean, affordable, domestic wind energy within the general public and to gain insights and perspectives directly from these communities.

Why do I fully embrace wind energy?  As a child and into early adulthood, I suffered greatly from smoke and dirty air, so let me start with the environment and sustainability.    Let me be as blunt and straight-forward as possible, air contaminants (particulate matter, mercury, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, methane) in-proportionally impact the young, elderly, and those suffering from cardio-vascular illness — these are the people we as civilized society need to protect the most.

In my opinion, Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader is the best editorial cartoonist in the country.  In the below oldie but goodie, he really nails my core perspective:


Clean air is a fundamental right.  In my opinion, clean air cannot be regulated at the state or local level because ‘What happens in Minnesota does not stay in Minnesota‘ as air contaminants quickly crosses state and national boundaries; thus, we are in this collectively as cities, states, and nations.

In my classes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I really do not get much into global warming because there are so many other negative attributes of fossil-based fuels that are tangible and real.  Below are some of the quantitative, fact-based and supported environmental, economic, and job-producing benefits of wind energy:


Today, it’s onward to La Crosse for interviews with the local newspaper and news station.


One thought on “Day 16 AM — What happens in Minnesota does not stay in Minnesota”

  1. There’s always gotta be an anti-whatever, no matter the subject. I often wonder why they don’t keep their negative comments to themselves! I’m proud of you Jim and the work and goodness that you do!


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